Puzzle Features

8 good reasons to get one of our puzzles:


1. All of our puzzles are made with the highest quality, non-toxic, lead and cadmium free materials.

2. We use only a premium grade, maple-faced laminate. It is strong and made to last for generations.

3. All pegs used in our "Peg Puzzles" are solid hardwood.  They are drilled into each piece and glued with an industrial strength, non-toxic glue...
No peg will come out under normal use.

4. Our designs are original and unique....and they are all copyrighted.

5. Our prices are reasonable.  You are supporting a small family business...and we are supporting caring families like yours.

6. Replaceable pieces.  Each puzzle comes with care and piece-replacement instructions...

7. Our Puzzles are Fully Guaranteed.

8. You'll have done something nice for your child!