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Multi-Layer Puzzles

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Each of our "3D Multi-Layer Puzzles" tends to have more pieces. Please note the predominance of "negative space" in these puzzles (many pieces don't have their own hole, but have subtle clues as to where they go). They are for children who have mastered our single-layer puzzles and who are ready for an added level of difficulty. They range from 2 to 6 layers deep and are "3D" in nature. Puzzles in this group are for children ages 3 and up. (Specific age recommendations in each puzzle description.)

*Please note; Puzzles in this category have pieces that are too small for children under the age of 3 and thus are for children ages 3 and over.

At Kid Puzzles, we are great at designing and handcrafting pegged puzzles that are perfect for preschool and early elementary school kids. However, we feel that wooden puzzles aren’t just for little kids. In fact, the learning benefits of working puzzles can continue as the challenge level increases to match the child’s (or adult’s) abilities.

In order to up the challenge factor for our customers, we literally grew our business upwards. We can’t wait until you see our multi-layer puzzle designs. Each is the perfect mix of challenge and beauty.

Building Up

multi-layer puzzle

When we were designing puzzles that could hold the attention of—and still firmly engage—older kids and adults, we knew that we had to add some more challenging elements. Each of our multi-layer puzzle designs feature more pieces, curved borders, and different layers. Instead of building a puzzle outwards, we decided to create puzzles that build on top of each other. Each of our multi-layer puzzle designs has puzzlers finish with a three dimensional piece of art, with parts of each individual layer showing through.

Even though our multi-layer puzzle choices are a bit different from our original, one dimensional puzzles, you can rest assured that the quality is still outstanding. Our pieces are still hand cut, resulting in a sturdy, durable piece rather than a flimsy one. The materials and paints we use on our three dimensional puzzles are still free from lead and any other toxic materials. It’s all the safety and durability of our original puzzles, but with more layers.

multi-layer puzzle

As an added benefit, customers never have to worry if one of their pieces goes missing. For just a few dollars and a bit of information, we will hand cut a replacement piece, made just for you. The puzzling should never be over, so we’ll make sure that you can get back to it soon.

Because our designs are just so pretty, you might find that you don’t want to tuck your puzzle into a toy box or let it sit on a shelf. Instead, you can put one of our puzzles right on your coffee table for an interactive piece of art.

Designs for Everyone

One of the reasons we love our multi-layer puzzle designs is that each one can be appropriate for elementary schoolers all the way up to their parents. As you browse our designs, ranging from Noah’s Ark to Wild Horses, you will notice that more layers don’t always mean a more difficult challenge. In fact, our Leaf Puzzle is only two layers but can take adults a few hours to complete.

Working puzzles can be beneficial for members of all age groups. Not only can your brain get some practice with spatial skills, which might help you squeeze suitcases into your car for your next long vacation, but you can also get some practice with critical thinking and honing your focus. Our colorful pieces and eclectic designs make it easy for people of all ages to stay engaged with the puzzle until each layer is completed. Go on, give one a try!

We look forward to working on your order soon.

  • Kid Puzzles Gift Card Enclosure
    Have us include a Handwritten Gift Card (with your gift order)
    Include Message (Pictured is and example of a handwritten gift card with a sampling of card styles...only one gift card included per puzzle ordered.) Please make your message short. Include who the gift is for and from. Our...
  • Layered 3D Puzzle
    Wood Puzzle for Children | Dancing Kids
    A great entry-level, multi-layer, wooden 2-layer 3D puzzle for children new to the concept of working in more than one puzzle layer. Both layers are mostly visible. Got a little dancer in your family? 16 pieces. Ages 4 and...
  • 3D Ocean Puzzle
    3D Puzzle for Kids | 3 layers | Oceans of Fun!
    $67.00 $57.00
    A 3-layer, 3D wood puzzle. All 3 layers are mostly visible. Your child will be thrilled to be the ocean bottom explorer in this wooden puzzle and it's 3-layers of undersea adventure! A child-safe and earth-friendly kids wood...
  • Nautilus Shell puzzle
    2-Layer Wooden Puzzle | Nautilus Tide
    Hover over the two images to see both layers of this puzzle. Get two puzzles in one with this Nautilus Tide Puzzle. Top layer is compose of 14 nautilus shell pieces. Bottom layer composed of 9 undersea creature pieces. Your...
  • 3D Starburst Wood Puzzle
    3D Puzzle | 3 layers | Starburst
    $60.00 $55.00
    A 3-layer, 3D wooden puzzle. All layers are mostly visible. Put on your helmut, and brace yourself for an adventure through 3-layers of stars, in this "3D" trip through the universe! For parents, grandparents and...
  • 3D Wood Horse Puzzle
    3D Puzzle | 5 layers | Wild Horses
    $72.00 $65.00
    A 5-layer, 3D wooden horse puzzle. All 5 layers are mostly visible. If you have a horse lover in your family, this is the puzzle to get! A child-safe and earth-friendly kids wood 3D puzzle made to last for generations. 17...
  • Noahs Ark Puzzle
    Noah's Ark Puzzle | 3D Puzzle | 6 Layers
    $70.00 $65.00
    A 6-layer, 3D wooden Noah's Ark puzzle. Discover all of the animals on the Ark, two by two! Animals peaking out of the portals are pieces too! All 6 layers are mostly visible. A child-safe and earth-friendly kids wood 3D...
  • 3 Layer Moonlit Aspen Grove
    3 Layer Moonlit Aspen Grove
    $105.00 $95.00
    This is a 3-layer, "Sculpted Puzzle Series", collectors 3D puzzle! For ages 8 and up. This is a great puzzle for puzzle collectors and families who take pride in displaying their puzzle collection. It is fun for teenagers...
  • 3D Wood Leaf Puzzle
    Coffee Table Puzzle | 2 Layer Fall Maple Leaves
    $90.00 $85.00
    A 2-layer, "Sculpted Puzzle Series", collectors 3D puzzle that looks great on a coffee table! For ages 8 and up. Do regular puzzles seem to bore your older child? If so, we are the perfect place to purchase your advanced...

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