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3 Name Puzzle

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Order these Three Name Puzzles with a choice of background colors. You will also have the choice of either Capital/lowercase letters name or ALL CAPITAL LETTERS name. With ALL CAPITAL LETTERS name, you will have the added choice of having the letters with or without pegs. Puzzles in this group are for children ages 3 and up. (Specific age recomendations in each puzzle description.)
Puzzles in this category are approximately 12" wide by 13" tall.
*Please note: Only ALL CAPITAL LETTER PIECES are big enough for children under the age of 3. Lower case letters may be a choking hazard for children under the age of 3.

Perhaps you have taken time to check out our personalized name puzzles for children and just found that one or two name options just will not work for you and your family. Or maybe you just cannot decide which name, or set of names, to choose, and you yearn for the space to include all three. If you have three special children rather than two, we have the perfect solution for you—our three name puzzles!

Our three name puzzles give you the chance to create a customized puzzle that features three names front and center. Whether you pick the names of three siblings, one child’s full name, an array of nicknames, or even three pet names, we will happily hand cut and hand paint your decision as puzzle pieces. Our personalized name puzzles for children are the perfect gift or surprise treat for your favorite loved ones.

personalized name puzzles for children

Learning While Laughing

Kids learn best through play. Their minds are growing by the day, absorbing the vast amount of information taken in from their environment and through their experiences. Personalized name puzzles for children give your child a fun, educational toy that will make them really feel like the star of the show.

By making their names, or other familiar names, the focal point of the puzzle, you will find that your kiddo stays engaged and focused all the way until the last piece slides into place. Our vibrant colors also help to keep your child’s attention on the task at hand, unlike generic designs.

Besides honing your child’s attention span, you can also use our personalized name puzzles for children to teach or reinforce other important skills. Depending on your child’s age and ability, you might focus on color recognition, letter recognition, counting skills, or even letter sounds. Your child won’t even realize that he or she is learning as they work through the puzzle.

Besides these skills, your child will also be practicing concepts that are more abstract, yet no less vital for school preparation. For example, putting together one of these puzzles can give your kiddo the chance to practice problem solving, critical thinking, and even emotional intelligence tools. While putting together these puzzles may seem like just a good time to them, you can sit back and relax with peace of mind, knowing full well that they are learning. Pretty awesome, right?

personalized name puzzles for children

Finish It Off

Our personalized name puzzles for children actually start with you, the designer. Start by telling us the three names you would like us to hand cut for your puzzle. Keep in mind that we don’t want any squished puzzle pieces, so your names have to be no more than seven letters each if you want all capital letters, and 11 leters max for capital/lower case names. Then, if you chose all capital letters, decide if you want your letters pegged.

Pegs are great for younger kids who need a little extra help with fine motor skills, like grasping. After you choose your background design, you are almost finished. For an extra special touch, we have an optional step for those of you who are shipping your personalized puzzles to a special child who lives far away: we will be happy to tuck in a handwritten note on your behalf. Finally, send that order information on over to us so that we can get to work.

We are looking forward to creating your customized puzzle. Order today!

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