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Rainbow Name Puzzles

Rainbow Name Puzzles

There is no question that your child is so very special to you and your family. To celebrate your child’s wonderful uniqueness, we’re delighted to use our scroll saw to make his or her name into puzzle pieces. That’s right; our personalized name puzzles for kids make the perfect gift by allowing your child’s name to be the star of the show.

Our Puzzles are Better

Here at Kid Puzzles, we have been designing and handcrafting puzzles for over three decades. We are dedicated to our customers, and it brings smiles to our faces knowing that we have shipped our puzzle art all around the world. Our puzzles, including our personalized name puzzles for kids, are all cut and painted by hand. In essence, we create (the equivalent of) "haute couture" in making our one of a kind puzzles for your child. No one on the block will have anything quite like it!

Rainbow Name Puzzles

With your child’s safety as a top priority, we only use safe and nontoxic materials for the making of our puzzles. These works of art are built to last, complete with sturdy wooden pieces and frames. We hope that you are able to use these puzzles for generations to come. Also, do not fret if your child loses a piece—for a small fee, we will replace the lost piece, bringing life to your child’s favorite educational toy all over again!

How to Order

With our personalized name puzzles for kids, you have a choice of showcasing one name, two names, or even three names. Please let us know your preference when you order, as well as the name (or names) that you would like us to turn into pieces.

If you have a child that is under the age of three years old, we recommend choosing all uppercase letters. Our uppercase letters will not pose a choking hazard if a piece ends up in your child’s mouth. We all know that kids do the funniest and strangest things, and we have prepared accordingly!

We’re waiting to get started on cutting and painting your order. Get shopping already!

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