2 Name Puzzle

name puzzles for children  

For children ages 2 and older; please choose ALL CAPITAL LETTERS name puzzle (names up to 8 letters long).

*You will be able to choose 1 of 2 options;
1. Without pegs in each letter piece.
2. With a peg in each letter piece (for an additional $9 for the whole puzzle)

*You will also be able to pick one of 3 background color options.


 name puzzles for children

For children ages 3 and older, we offer Capital and lowercase letters names (names up to 11 letters long).

*Pieces in these puzzles are small (and present a choking hazard) for children under the age of 3.

*You will be able to pick one of 3 background color options.

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    Order your Handwritten Gift Card here!

    Include Message (Pictured is an example of a handwritten gift card with a sampling of card styles...only one gift card included per puzzle ordered.) Please make your message short. Include who the gift is for and from. Our handcrafted puzzles are sure...

  • Wooden Two Name Puzzle


    Wooden Two Name Puzzle | 2 Names | ALL CAPITAL LETTERS

    Order this personalized wooden name puzzle with your child's first and last name, first and middle name, or maybe two names of twins? Choose with or without knobs in each letter piece, as well as the background color. (Each name must be 7 letters or...