(Please note: Name Puzzle Stools are no longer available for sale)
For those who have previously owned one of our Puzzle Stools, here is your safety information;
Puzzle Stool Assembly and Safety
(To be assembled by an adult.)

*Each stool includes:

(1) Puzzle Stool base with leg mounting brackets attached

(4) Screw-in legs.


  1. Carefully remove Puzzle Stool packaging without scratching puzzle or stool.
  2. Remove pieces and turn Puzzle Stool base face down on soft surface (ie; carpet) with leg mounting brackets facing up. (Notice: Mounting bracket surface is angled away from center of Puzzle Stool base.)
  3. Line up leg screw at 90 degree angle (perpendicular) to threaded hole surface of mounting bracket (Note: This will be at an angle away from the center of the Puzzle Stool base.
  4. Gently screw leg clockwise into threaded hole until leg seats against leg mounting bracket and no screw threads are visible.
  5. Tighten by hand with one good hard twist until leg dowel is firmly engaged against leg mounting bracket.
  6. Repeat steps 3 through 5 with other 3 legs.



Puzzle Stool Safety Precautions

*Please remember; The safer you are, the more fun you will have!

  1. For use by children ages 3 to 10. All pieces must be in puzzle when using to stand or sit on.
  2. To be used only under adult supervision.
  3. For use on non-slippery, carpeted floors (with supplied legs).
  4. If using stool on a floor with a slick surface (such as wood or tile); 1 ¼” slip-on, rubber leg tips (not included) must be installed on the end of each leg. (These can be purchased at most hardware stores.)
  5. Stool legs must be screwed into Puzzle Stool mounting brackets so that no screw threads are visible, and leg dowel is firmly seated against bracket.
  6. When standing on Puzzle Stool, stand only on center of stool with stocking feet (no shoes) to protect surface of puzzle.
  7. Puzzle Stool must be kept dry (no wet feet or liquids!)
  8. May be used as a puzzle play table as well!