Shipping Information


We ship via Post Office Priority Mail to the United States...Please inquire for shipping charges outside the United States:

We have 3 shipping rates;

$9.00 = Most single stock puzzle orders (plus orders of single Name Puzzle orders).

$9.75 = Orders of most (1 or 2) Name/Design* other combinations of Name-Only and non-name puzzles.

$15.50 = Orders most combinations of 3 Name/Design* other combinations of Name-Only and non-name puzzles.

Any order that includes a Puzzle Stool = A flat rate of $15.50 per every 1 or 2 stool order. (1 or 2 stools=$15.50/3 or 4 stools=$31.00 etc...) will be charged. (Shipping discounts do not apply.)

*Name/Design Puzzles = A puzzle that includes a name in combination with one of our puzzle designs (as opposed to a Name-Only Rainbow Name Puzzle).


Orders that don't include "Personalized Name Puzzles" generally ship right away, if in stock. (Exception; from May 23 to June 6 while we are on break)

Orders that include "Personalized Name Puzzles" generally ship between 1 and 4 weeks (depending on the timing of your order). We make "Name Puzzles" in the order we receive them. Please call if you would like to know our current shipping schedule or would like to have your order expedited. (We can rush orders for new baby gifts and upcoming birthdays! Just let us know this is the case however you order...)

Christmas "Personalized Name Puzzle" orders...Please watch our home page. It will state if we can take "Personalized Name Puzzle" orders for Christmas delivery.

Chanukah "Personalized Name Puzzle" orders...Please watch our home page. It will state if we can take "Personalized Name Puzzle" orders for Hanukkah delivery.

"Personalized Name Puzzle" orders for occasions (birthdays, birth gifts etc...) between early-December and early February...Since we take a family holiday break starting mid December for a few weeks and start our next puzzle batch around mid January, orders in this time frame will be finished sometime between late January and early February.