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Kid Puzzles Gift Card Enclosure

Include Message

(Pictured is an example of a handwritten gift card with a sampling of card styles...only one gift card included per puzzle ordered.)

Please make your message short. Include who the gift is for and from.

Our handcrafted puzzles are sure to make the perfect gift! If you find yourself ordering one of our beautiful works of art for someone who lives far away, we would be happy to pass along your good wishes before we tape the box shut and head to the post office. The importance of a gift is all in the meaning, and with our hand-cut, hand painted, customizable puzzles, we are taking your gift to a new level.

Personalized Gift Message

We’ll Send Your Best

While we don’t currently offer a gift wrapping service, we are more than happy to include a special note from you to your favorite little one. We will provide a colorful, folded card and will include your personalized message.

Before we ship the puzzle off to your loved one, we will carefully hand-write your thoughts, adding that special touch. That’s right—we write each message out by hand! No impersonal, computer-generated greetings here. We value the long lost art of the hand-written letter and know that a few careful words can make any gift that much more meaningful.

What Should I Say?

At a loss for words? Let us help get you started! Because we want to be sure that we have plenty of room on the card for your thoughts and wishes, it is best to keep your message short and sweet. We don’t want to have to scrunch the writing on the card, so less is more. Do you still need some guidance? Here’s a perfect example:

 Happy birthday Lucie!

We love you so much!
Papa and Yia Yia


When you order your puzzle, be sure to let us know what to include in your card. It’s the little things that make a big difference in this world, and the same can go for your one-of-a-kind message!