Kids Puzzles: The Perfect Educational Toy For Children

Posted by Kid Puzzles on 12th Nov 2014

Toys That Facilitate Your Child’s Development

Kids everywhere learn the most through an activity that they are born to do well: play. During playtime, infants to elementary school children learn social skills and achieve developmental milestones. While your child certainly learns during school time, you can bet that they are learning just as much on the playground. However, finding toys that facilitate your child’s development can be overwhelming. Let us help you look for toys that can provide educational support. Our number one pick for an educational toy that will last through multiple stages and abilities is an oldie but goodie: kids puzzles.

Supports Brain Development

Working on puzzles give children a brain workout like no other. Your kindergarten or elementary school child has a mind like a sponge. They soak up all parts of their environment and are constantly learning from interactions and playtime. With kids puzzles, your child has the chance to practice an important skill that will suit them well into adulthood: focus. Staying engaged with an activity for longer than a few minutes is a skill that children need to practice. With the right puzzle, your child can learn how to stay engaged with an activity for longer than usual, putting each piece in the right place until their masterpiece is complete.

When looking for engaging kids puzzles that will help keep your little one focused, find puzzles that feature vibrant colors and whimsical designs. Further, search for a puzzle that highlights a topic your little one is already interested in. Here at Kid Puzzles, we offer hand-cut and hand-painted creations that feature everything from dinosaurs to outer space.

Supports Emotional Intelligence

Beyond focus and other aspects of healthy brain development, working kids puzzles can help your child tackle another skill that is a tricky one to practice. Emotional intelligence is the ability to recognize, monitor, and discriminate your own emotions. Your kindergarten or elementary school child is still learning this skill. In fact, many adults are still working to harness emotional intelligence!

With puzzles, your child is practicing emotional intelligence. When your little one cannot get a piece to fit where he wants it, will he throw the piece across the room and cry, or will he take a deep breath and try again? Will he come to you for help when he is frustrated? Solving a puzzle will give him plenty of opportunities to interact with his emotions and manage them.

Supports Social Skills

Finally, your child will learn social skills while puzzling. While you might initially consider assembling a puzzle a solitary activity, kids can learn skills like sharing and encouragement by putting together a puzzle with a friend or family member. Even if your child is working on a puzzle alone, she is still getting the chance to work on social skills like problem solving and critical thinking.

How You Use Them

You can make puzzles a learning tool simply by altering the way you use them with your child, niece, nephew or grandchild. Whether you choose to work on color or letter recognition, or even as an introduction to phonics and reading, you can make the right puzzle part of your learning time. At Kid Puzzles, we make sure that our creations can be used to stimulate the imagination and teach basic skills.

Finding the perfect educational toy that is fun and engaging is as simple as finding the perfect puzzle.