Name Puzzles Make Your Little One Feel Extra Special

Posted by Kid Puzzles on 17th Nov 2014

Ideas for Giving a Personalized Gift: Name Puzzles and More

Kids everywhere love being the star of the show. If you are looking for a fun way to put your little one’s name center stage, consider customized name puzzles. Not only does your little one get an educational toy that she’ll love, but she also gets to see her name front and center. There are few toys that will make her feel as special as personalized name puzzles.

Her Name In Lights

Here at Kid Puzzles, we have been designing, handcrafting, and painting puzzles for over three decades in our Oregon shop. In fact, we started when our own children were small and have been amazed that our business has brought us the opportunity to bring our handmade wooden puzzles into homes across the country. Even though our children are grown, we still know what children like. Seeing their name as a part of the puzzle is always a thrill. Sure, it takes extra time and effort on our end to make customized name puzzles. But, creating these personalized name puzzles is one of the best parts of our job. We love seeing what your design choices are for your childs name, and then taking that information to create a completely new and unique puzzle.

An Engaging and Educational Toy

Personalized gifts can sometimes be tricky. If you aren’t careful, the gift that you personalize might be pretty but will not get actual playtime with your child. Worse, your little one won’t actually appreciate the personalization aspect of the gift. Our customized name puzzles are beautiful. There’s no need to worry if your child will actually play with the puzzle; our puzzles are always a hit with kids of all ages and stages.

Puzzles are a great way for your little one to work on skills from critical thinking to letter recognition, phonics skills to problem solving. You would be hard-pressed to find another toy that packs such an educational punch. By adding the name of your child to the puzzle, you add another skill to work on during playtime. Additionally, your child will have no problems staying engaged when their name is the star of the show!

Our customized puzzles feature the same safety and durability standards as our other creations. You will find that our pieces are thick, not flimsy, and able to withstand years of interaction. Further, we only use nontoxic and lead-free paints and materials. We want to assure you that our puzzles are safe for the whole family.

Personalized gifts don’t have to be tricky. Through the simplicity of many of our designs, your little one can see her name transformed into unique puzzles. It’s the perfect customized gift!