Wood Puzzle for Kids | Hot Air Balloons

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Hot Air Balloons Puzzle

Watch your child fly up, up and away with this challenging wooden puzzle!

For parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles looking for a fully-guaranteed wood puzzle for a child in their life.

31 pieces. Ages 5 and up.

Hot Air Balloon PuzzleWe know that it can be difficult to keep up with your child’s ever-changing abilities. It seems like kids outgrow their toys within just a few months. When your kindergartener or elementary school child is ready for a puzzle that features more than just a few pieces, our hot air balloon wood puzzle is the right amount of challenge that will keep them engaged for years to come. They won’t outgrow this puzzle for awhile!

Up, Up, and Away

Our hot air balloon puzzle features 31 sturdy pieces that were all hand-cut in our shop in Oregon. We have been handcrafting and painting puzzles for kids of all ages for over three decades. This hot air balloon puzzle is one of our favorites. The colors are vibrant, the puzzle is beautiful, and challenging enough for older kids and even adults.

Safety is our focus

Speaking of the whole family, our priority is your family’s safety. Since we make our own puzzles, we have strict control over the materials and paints that we use. The hot air balloon puzzle is made from nontoxic and lead-free materials and paints, and are safe for your home.

Why not encourage your child to go up and away with this fun puzzle? Order yours today and we will ship right away (if in stock). You are just a few clicks away from a great gift or surprise.

Hot Air Balloon Name Puzzle



This Design can be coupled with a child's name as a Name Puzzle! (If you are interested, please go to our "Hot Air Balloon Puzzle with Name" page to see and order this design as a name puzzle)