Puzzle with Knobs | Polar Animals

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Polar Animal Wooden Puzzle

An 8 piece wooden puzzle with permanently installed pegs for children who are beyond beginner puzzlers. (recommended for ages 2 to 4)

Brrrr! You don’t have to travel to the North or South Pole to find a peg puzzle that can keep your toddler engaged. In fact, you don’t have to go any further than a home shop right in Oregon. We are Kid Puzzles, and we design, hand cut, and paint each of the wood puzzles you see here. While we don’t pick favorites because we love each of our creations, there is something a little bit “cooler” about these polar animals. Admittedly, our puzzle making is much better than our puns.

Made Just For You

Each of our peg puzzles starts with one of our designs. We are parents too, and though our children are now grown, it does not seem that long ago when small hands were around our table and trying out our new puzzles. We consider your child, all kiddos really, when we think of our designs. We make our puzzles colorful, engaging, and whimsical. We also strive to make them educational and great conversation starters. For this polar animal puzzle, you will find polar bears, a walrus, a black-footed kittiwake, penguins, and a sea lion, ready to engage your toddler and connect families.

Each of our wood puzzles is handmade in our shop, and each one is a little bit different than the next. You can maximize the personalization by adding your child’s name or nickname to the puzzle. It makes a great gift, and your little one is sure to love learning his name in such a fun way.

Built To Last

Our wood puzzles are built to be durable and sturdy, unlike some of the flimsy puzzles you find in stores. Our puzzles are hand cut and hand painted, using only safe and non-toxic materials. This polar animal puzzle has permanently placed pegs, ideal for small toddler hands who are working on fine motor skills. In order to keep very busy toddlers engaged and in one place, we use bright and beautiful colors. While your little one is working on putting in each of the pieces, his brain is learning critical thinking, spatial, and problem solving skills.

When we make our puzzles, we hope that the one that ships to your doorstep will be in your family for generations to come, passed from your home to your sister’s house, from her house to her cousin’s home. We don’t want a lost puzzle piece to cause you to toss out your puzzle ahead of its time, so we would love to cut you a replacement piece. For only a few dollars and a bit of information, we will hand cut your missing piece and ship it to your home before your little one misses it too much.

We know that you will love our puzzles, and this polar animal adventure puzzle is a great one for your child to start with. Take some time to look over the details of all of our puzzles and place your order. We can’t wait to start working on your choice!



This Design can be coupled with a child's name as a Name Puzzle! (If you are interested, please go to our "Polar Animals Puzzle with Name" page to see and order this design as a name puzzle)