Wood Three Name Puzzle | Three Names | Capital/Lower Case Letters

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Wooden Three Name Puzzle

Order this personalized wood name puzzle with your child's first, middle and last name, 3 siblings names, or...? (Any names up to 11 letters long. Name letters are puzzle pieces.)
Also, choose the background color.
Quick shipping turn-around! Ages 3 and up.

wooden name puzzles

Looking for a cute and unexpected gift for your favorite little kiddo? We think that our wooden name puzzles are just the ticket. Our handcrafted puzzles are made right in our Pacific Northwest shop, and we take good care to make sure that each of our wooden name puzzles are durable enough to last for generations to come. Because this particular design features three names, you are able to customize a full name, nicknames, sibling names, or the names of your family’s favorite pets?

A Work of Art

Our three name wooden name puzzles are hand cut and hand painted with vibrant colors, sure to keep your child’s attention. When it comes down to it, this puzzle is more than just a toy. Each of our puzzles are works of art, adding a splash of color and fun to your playroom, bedroom, or living room. Between enjoying the beautiful colors and the fact that their own name is the star of the puzzle, your kids will love putting each piece in the right place.

When ordering, be sure to let us know which three names you would like highlighted in the puzzle. Just keep in mind that any name you choose must be no longer than eleven letters—we wouldn’t want any names getting switched due to lack of room. While you are in the creator chair, also take time to choose one of three background colors to complete your personalization.

wooden name puzzles

A Learning Tool

When purchasing your puzzle, you can rest easy with peace of mind. While your child will love this puzzle, you are buying more than just a toy. Besides a work of art, our customized puzzles can become an educational tool, teaching your child skills ranging from counting to letter recognition, problem solving to letter sounds, and much more.

The whole family will enjoy interacting with this personalized puzzle, no matter which names are highlighted, and because they are each made with safe, durable materials, your puzzle is sure to last for generations.

Order your puzzle today and we will start creating it right away!