Childs Wood Custom Name Puzzle | 3 Layer Starburst

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3D Star Burst Name Puzzle

3 Layer Starburst 3D Name Puzzles

(For children ages 4 and over)

3 Layer 3D Name Puzzle

Our Starburst wooden puzzle provides a pop of color and the perfect challenge for your child. This three layer puzzle is one of our favorites, featuring vibrant hues and layered designs. The final product is a beautiful work of art, put together by your very own child. And the best part? Your child’s name is carved right into the wooden puzzle itself, making them the star of the show!

A Burst of Fun

We think that three dimensional puzzles are extra fun for most levels of ability. While you might think that you need to increase the piece count or size of a puzzle in order to give your child more of a challenge, simply adding layers can lead to a new level of excitement and engagement.

When your child is given the opportunity to think outside the box and in extra dimensions, his or her spatial skills and creativity will only grow.

This colorful, three layer puzzle is the perfect fit for any child over the age of 4 who is looking for a bit of a challenge. Our design features colors and shapes that will keep your little one engaged and focused, without getting frustrated, all the way until the last piece is put into place.

3 Layer 3D Name Puzzle

Your Child is the Star

By far, the best part of this three layer puzzle is that it can be personalized. By simply giving us your child’s name, and your preference of all uppercase or an upper-lowercase mix, you’ll be giving us the go on handcrafting a puzzle made just for them. With the addition of your child’s, or grandchild’s, name to the puzzle, you can now work on emergent reading skills like phonics and letter recognition, in addition to the educational value of a multi-dimensional puzzle.

This is the perfect gift for your special puzzle lover, and it is built to last for years to come. Make your order today!