Wooden Peg Puzzle | African Zoo Animals

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African Zoo Animals Puzzle

A 10 piece wooden puzzle with permanently installed pegs for children who are beyond beginner puzzlers. (recommended for ages 2 to 4)

If you feel that sometimes your toddler is more like a monkey than a human, we’ve got the perfect activity for you! Check out our beautiful, handmade wooden peg puzzle that highlights animals from the continent of Africa and proves that it really is a jungle out there.

We can’t wait to show off our puzzles for you. We think that by the time you check out our site, you will have thrown one of our wood puzzles into your cart. So, if your little monkey is napping or otherwise occupied, take some time to get to know us. We are Kid Puzzles; Nice to meet you! This beautiful puzzle is far better than the other zoo animal puzzles you’ll find in any toy store. Not convinced? Hear us out.

How A Zoo Starts

Each of our wood puzzles--including this one that features the zoo’s finest creatures--starts out as a design that we create. We’re Marvin and Margaret, the married couple behind this operation. When we create our puzzle designs, we think back to when our children were toddlers. We consider what little ones love, will keep them engaged and playing. We consider what they need to have a happy puzzle experience.

For this peg puzzle, we started with a toddler favorite - zoo animals. What little one doesn’t love a roaring lion or stomping elephant? We also chose colors that were vibrant, and include permanently installed pegs so that little hands could grab the pieces more easily. Our designs are carefully thought out, from the very beginning.

After the design comes the fun part - the puzzle cutting. We started creating puzzles over 30 years ago, when our children were small, and we still hand cut each puzzle in the same shop that we used back then. We are careful to use only nontoxic and safe materials, so you can relax if your little one decides that a puzzle piece is a great teething toy. Hand painting is the next step. Then we proudly ship your unique creation right to your door.

What Kiddos Learn

Your zoo puzzle is more than just a toy that your little one will love. In fact, your puzzle has quite a bit of educational value behind it. When your child works on fitting the pieces into the board, he is developing spatial skills. When a piece doesn’t fit and he slowly turns it to the correct position, he develops problem-solving and critical thinking skills. When he can’t get the piece to fit, and keeps working on it without throwing the piece against the wall, he starts developing his emotional intelligence. Puzzles, my friend, are more than you think.

Be sure to check out each of our puzzles and pick one or two to add to your cart. You can also customize any puzzle with your child’s name or nickname; this makes a unique and fun gift for a child or baby-to-be. We can’t wait to start hand making your puzzle!

This Design can be coupled with a child's name as a Name Puzzle! (If you are interested, please go to our "Zoo Animals Puzzle with Name" page to see and order this design as a name puzzle)