Coffee Table Puzzle | 2 Layer Fall Maple Leaves

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3D Wood Leaf Puzzle

A 2-layer, "Sculpted Puzzle Series", collectors 3D puzzle that looks great on a coffee table!

For ages 8 and up.

Do regular puzzles seem to bore your older child? If so, we are the perfect place to purchase your advanced puzzler 3D puzzles for kids that are fun for teenagers and adults alike. 3D puzzles let your child fit pieces together to create a beautiful creation. Our 2 Layer Leaf puzzle is a challenge for older kids and for adults.

Vibrant Colors

As is the case for all our single layer and 3D puzzles for kids, our 2 Layer Leaf puzzle is truly a piece of art. These hand-cut and hand-painted pieces are colorful and engaging. Once completed, this puzzle is a coffee table interactive accessory that will keep guests talking and puzzling together.

Challenging Design


Our 2 Layer Leaf puzzle includes 20 leaf pieces of different shapes and sizes, as well as two pod pieces. In order to get the pieces to fit just right, puzzlers will need to fit them side by side and on top of one another. This challenging design takes between 30 minutes and an hour for most to complete.

As with all of our designs, our 3D puzzles for kids are hand cut and hand painted right in our Oregon shop. We use only the safest materials, including nontoxic wood and paints. Ordering is a snap and your 2 Layer Leaf puzzle will be on the way to you sooner than you think.