Noahs Ark Name Puzzle | 6 Layers

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Noahs Ark 3D Wood Personalized Name Puzzle

6 Layer Noah’s Ark 3D Name Puzzles

(For children ages 4 and over)

If you have an animal lover, or are looking for a beautiful piece of art to illustrate the story of Noah and his ark to your little one, you are in for a treat. We love this multi-layer puzzle, and it is sure to find a permanent place in your home for years (and generations) to come. Make it extra special by taking advantage of our personalization option, which will allow us to add your child’s name directly into this handmade puzzle.

6 Layer 3D Name Puzzle

Layers of Fun

Your child will love this multi-layer puzzle where he or she can find animal friends, two by two. This puzzle features six layers of puzzling, with each of the layers visible in the final creation. In order to get the three-dimensional final product, your child will essentially put together multiple puzzles, one on top of the other. Each layer features beautiful colors and friendly animals, along with scenery and the ark itself.

We designed this multi-layer puzzle to not only be a puzzle for your child now, but also an heirloom that can be passed on for generations. While it might seem odd to think of your future grandchildren while your own child is still young, we know that pulling out this beautiful puzzle decades in the future will be a fun and sentimental time for everyone involved.

6 Layer 3D Name Puzzle

Layers of Learning

Not sure if your child is ready for a three dimensional puzzle? Let us shed some light on this special product. We think this puzzle is perfect for any child over the age of four who can complete one dimensional puzzles with little effort. With this three dimensional puzzle, your child will get extra opportunities to work on his spatial skills as he builds the puzzles out and up, allowing the animals to snuggle in the ark.

What’s more, you can also customize it with your child’s name. We’ll be all too happy to hand-cut your masterpiece, and it will be there before you know it!