3D Puzzle | 5 layers | Wild Horses

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3D Wood Horse Puzzle

A 5-layer, 3D wooden horse puzzle. All 5 layers are mostly visible.

If you have a horse lover in your family, this is the puzzle to get!

A child-safe and earth-friendly kids wood 3D puzzle made to last for generations.

17 pieces.

For Kids ages 5 and up.

Typical puzzles feature straight borders and one layer of puzzle pieces. Here at Kid Puzzles, we are anything but typical. Besides designing, hand cutting, and hand painting all of our own puzzles right here in our Pacific Northwest shop, we also provide customers with options spanning from our traditional wooden puzzles to our 3D wood puzzle designs. Our Wild Horses puzzle offers a greater challenge for your puzzler, featuring curved borders and 5 layers of interlocking pieces.

3D wood puzzle

Not a One Trick Pony

If you have a horse lover in your family, this is the puzzle to get!

We love each of our 3D wood puzzle designs, but these horses have taken our hearts for a ride. These seventeen pieces interlock over five varying layers to form this beautiful sunset creation. By the time your child completes this 3D wood puzzle, they will be able to see a partial amount of every layer. While it might only be seventeen pieces, this puzzle is a little more difficult than you would think since it requires puzzlers to build upwards, as well as in flat layers. Who says that when you are ready for a more challenging puzzle that the only option is a bigger puzzle with smaller pieces? When your child is ready to take the next step, try building up!

Saddle Up

We think that this Wild Horse puzzle would be ideal for any child over the age of six who is looking for more of a puzzle challenge. In fact, you might find that you too may want to try putting it together after your child has a turn! These three dimensional puzzles are truly fun for the whole family, and everyone ends up getting a nice brain workout by the time the puzzle is completed. It is a win-win situation that is perfect for a family game night.

Saddle up and order your wild horses puzzle today!