Kids Wooden Peg Puzzle | Bugs and Insects

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Insect Bug Puzzle

A 10 piece wooden puzzle with permanently installed pegs for children who are beyond beginner puzzlers. (recommended for ages 2 to 4)

Kids are fascinated with the world around them. If you are the parent or caregiver of a toddler, you know that a walk to the park can be extra exciting when a worm or ladybug makes an appearance. We remember those beautiful days of caterpillars and bumblebees quite well, and know that our bug peg puzzle would be the perfect addition to any playroom.

Our Better Bugs

You have probably seen plenty of bug puzzles in toy stores near you. But if you are looking for a puzzle that is a cut above the average, you landed in just the perfect spot. All of our Kid Puzzles wood puzzles are handcrafted. We design, hand cut, and hand paint each of our puzzles in the same shop where we have been making puzzles for over 3 decades.

Our puzzles are extremely durable, and we build them to last for generations to come. We hope that you will love our puzzles so much that you pass them along to friends and family once your children outgrow them, or that you pack them away in a chest to retrieve when grandkids come your way. Other bug puzzles at toy shops are much too flimsy and cookie cutter to be tucked away for your grandbabies. Our puzzles will not only pass the test of time for durability, but each puzzle is so beautiful that you will love passing them along.

More About Us 

We are parents, too. In fact, we turned our passion for puzzle making into a business when our kiddos were small. Our children have since grown up, and so has our business. Kid Puzzles has flourished and we are tickled that families across the country trust us to make colorful and customized puzzles for their children.

As parents ourselves, we understand your safety concerns, and we are committed to safety at the highest level. Each of our wood puzzles is crafted with nontoxic materials and paint. You can feel confident knowing that if your toddler ends up chewing one of our puzzle pieces, you won’t have to worry about dangerous chemicals. The materials and paint have passed lead and other safety tests.

We also know that sometimes, especially with toddlers, puzzle pieces go missing. Sometimes, the pieces end up as a snack for your family pet or find themselves permanently wedged under the fridge. We don’t want a missing puzzle piece to ruin your fun! For a few dollars and a bit of information, we will handcraft a replacement piece that fits your puzzle exactly. We’ll ship it to you sooner than later so that you can get back to puzzling.

We also love customizing our puzzles, and can add your child’s name or nickname to our bug puzzle, making it a fun and unique gift. Take a look at our bug puzzle, and click through some of our other puzzles for toddlers and bigger kids. We can’t wait to see which one (or two) you choose!



This Design can be coupled with a child's name as a Name Puzzle! (If you are interested, please go to our "Bugs Puzzle with Name" page to see and order this design as a name puzzle)