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3D Multi-Layer Name Puzzles

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(For children ages 3 and over)

If you have a child who loves puzzles, but solves the average toy store puzzle with ease, you might find yourself looking for something a little more challenging. In looking for such a puzzle,  it is important to steer clear of something that might be too tough. It is great that your child is ready to take the next step, but you don’t want to leap into something that could be frustrating-- that could be just as off-putting as a boring puzzle!

Wooden 3D Name Puzzles

The key to finding a more challenging puzzle for a child is to look for one that offers more pieces and unusual borders, while still being inviting and fun. Puzzle searcher, you have found yourself in the perfect place. Welcome to Kid Puzzles, where we have been designing, hand-cutting, and hand-painting puzzles for over 30 years. Pour yourself a cup of coffee and pull up a seat while we tell you all about our amazing 3D wooden puzzles.

More of a Challenge, Without Losing Kid Appeal

Before you think that you have to buy a 100-piece puzzle in order to increase the difficulty and challenge for your little puzzler, take a look at our 3D wooden puzzles. We have designed these puzzles with different ages and stages of development in mind, making sure that we bring the essentials to the table. Instead of building the puzzle outward to make it bigger, we build these puzzles upward, making them three-dimensional in appearance.

We make all of our 3D wooden puzzles child-friendly, making it easy for you to find a design that your child will love. From an underwater scene that features fish and seaweed to a starburst design to challenge the older child, our 3D wooden puzzles are colorful works of art that virtually leap off the page!

And don’t worry, we have 3D puzzles available for younger kiddos, too. However, since these puzzles have pieces that are a bit smaller and do not feature pegs, we encourage you to only buy these puzzles for kiddos that are ages three and up.

Wooden 3D Name Puzzles

Keeping Things Safe and Durable

Speaking of keeping things safe, we want to assure you that your family’s safety is our number one priority here at Kid Puzzles. You see, we are parents too, and we know all of the things that run through your head when buying your child, grandchild, niece, or nephew a new toy.

While our children are now grown, we haven’t forgotten their younger years, so we work hard to make sure that you can rest easy. All of our materials and paints are non-toxic, and each puzzle is certifiably safe. We follow strict precautions throughout our entire creative process. For another layer of safety, we make sure that all of our puzzles are made in the most eco-friendly way possible.

Finally, we know that durability matters to you. You certainly don’t want to spend money on a puzzle just for it to break or for pieces to go missing. Since our wooden puzzles are hand-cut from solid wood, you can be confident that they are sturdy and durable, made to last generations. We want you to be able to tuck away our puzzles into hope chests to bring them back out when you are grandparents. Finally, if a piece does end up getting lost somewhere, we will happily replace it for a small fee.

Find the perfect challenge for your little puzzler right here. Order a 3D multi-layer puzzle today!

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