3 Layer Moonlit Aspen Grove

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3 Layer Moonlit Aspen Grove

This is a 3-layer, "Sculpted Puzzle Series", collectors 3D puzzle!

For ages 8 and up.

This is a great puzzle for puzzle collectors and families who take pride in displaying their puzzle collection. It is fun for teenagers and adults alike. Our 3 Layer Aspen Grove puzzle is a challenge for older kids and for adults.

Vibrant Colors

As is the case for all our single layer and 3D puzzles, our 3 Layer Aspen Grove Puzzle is truly a piece of art. These hand-cut and hand-painted pieces are colorful and engaging.

As with all of our designs, our 3D puzzles for kids are hand cut and hand painted right in our Oregon shop. We use only the safest materials, including nontoxic wood and paints.